20 April 2014

New crowd simulation

Hey everyone,

We are testing already the new crowd simulation system. Since we are re-writing many programming stuff, let's point out our little list of the temporary roadmap:

- Crowd simulation (movement, panic, interaction)
- Civilians cars simulation (movement, paths / waypoints, physics, street signs / law)
- Police car

(test scene)

Our main character has already many things done and the game had a few changes on features. I hope soon enough we will publish the new features list.

But why are we re-writing all this programming stuff?
Well, let's say we are much skilled than before and our old system worked as a test for our current game =)

Stay safe people!

14 April 2014

2014 and what is comming!

Hello everyone,

Our little dev blog is back. As you saw, we took out the sections of the webpage, we will get back soon with everything. For now, I will try to explain the situation about the game and what we are up to.

Our little company

We are a small company that makes advergames and games for living. And yes, we are indie too. Police Tactics it's, in fact, been made by 2 guys only, so you can imagine the work for us. We really saw how much people wants a game like this and how much is fun to play it (I really like this genre and kind)... and that's the reasons we are keeping with it.

Police Tactics

As you saw in previous posts, we had to delay this game many times. This is because we need, we had to, focus in big priority projects, so we can keep the company running. We still have other projects to finish and we want to get back on the game... and for this, we are changing a little but of this game's idea.

First, multiplayer part: yes, it is hard, but we are going to make multiplayer for a second version of the game. Our time for internal projects is just short and we cannot keep thinking that big right now.
Second: the game is alive. Because of this, we can surelly speed up the game dev and put more into the story, without losing the "sandbox" feature for the game.

We still don't have pictures to show yet, to tell you the truth, the engine we were making for the game is been re-written for these changes.

Good news is that our company founders now has many contacts in this big nice game industry, so, finding a way to put the game in, for example, Steam, is not that hard anymore. In fact, Desura team always look positive about this game and I am sure Desura is also a perfect channel for the game's distribution.

Stay safe people.

OGS Team

25 December 2013

News - And Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone,

Its been a loong loooong time since our last post. I will try to be short explaining our situation and the future of the game.

2013 was a year of challenges, a year of discovery and a year of news... for Odin Game Studio team. We are getting bigger, stronger and having lots of contacts. With this, we need to focus in other priority projects and we hope, soon, that our games becomes these high priority projects.

Our games are here, we are working, planning and thinking the next moves. But, for this to continue, Odin must exist. And to exist, Odin must sacrifice days, weeks, months, for other projects.

The game received very good people and fans from all over the world. We cannot make more advertising without having more to show. But with you guys, that are already following us and making suggestions, it is enough to keep up with the game. And we will, in 2014.

I cannot say when the game will get the alpha (delayed) running, but I can promise that the game will happen. It is all planned, it is all well designed. We just need time to work on it.

Thank you all for helping this to exist, even with a small community, I can see the big picture and see that this game has a very good potential.

Merry Christmas and have a new year full of happiness, success and health.

11 November 2013

November note

Hey everyone,

It's been a busy month, even since our last post. Our company, Odin Game Studio, got more projects, so unfortunatelly PT game is a little bit slow in production, this is the reason for our lack of posts. Also, we want to attract more people to our game, specially in Facebook. For those who wants to really help us, spread the word and Like Us in Facebook, it is much better to keep track of some players than in our blog.

In anyway, we thank you once more for keeping with us and soon we hope to bring you more development news. Above is a single screen of our new online city, current WIP.



13 October 2013

Weekend tests!

Hey everyone,

This weekend we tried some more tests on multiplayer. Players are already connected for position, rotation and animation. Some of the actions we had before are been coded again, so this should take some time. Also, cars are almost ready for multiplayer, players can engage suspects together or in separated cars.

Basic multiplayer features like chat, ping, host and connect mode are already done. Next steps are prepare the NPC and Car AI for multiplayer... this should be a nice challenge... and I like that =)
Also, as you may see, we have new models for the characters and new animations. Again, this should be improved in the future, let's just concentrate in the main gameplay features right now.


04 October 2013

Improvements and more tests!

Hello everyone,

We made more tests this week regarding multiplayer. And I want to explain a few things about how it will work.

Our multiplayer part, for now, will let players host their own server and probably we will have 4 to 6 players max per server channel (our server will be able to handle much more than that, but then maybe things go out of control, so for now we will keep at this value). These hosts can control what players can come in and can not in your server. Everyone will always play as a single team, there are no "war" modes or PvP modes. You are a police officer, you cannot just go out there shooting people, lol.

Just a note: the screenshots has less quality than in-game ;)

Also, players can use different cars, but will need to work together on the same missions always. We don't have plans to make, like, two distinct police stations or an MMO for this game. Instead, we want to focus in a true coop game, where you need to complete missions and spend your days with your partners, help them and solve the city problems.

Servers can have password, can kick players, but cannot be a "god mode", even if you are the admin. Our objective here is to give a good experience in multiplayer. We are thinking in even put all servers in our website and them players will need to make registries, so everyone can follow everyone's progress.

We did not finish, yet, the new AI and Cars code (we really started from scratch these codes again, so the game will run better and accept multiplayer). But we are going good. More news about the game soon.

I hope you like it.


01 October 2013

Scenery study and multiplayer tests

Hey everyone,

We are already making the first multiplayer tests (for character and car). Also, we are re-writing the code for NPCs and Cars AI to respond better and act for the online game. The city was erased and we are preparing one that can handle better the situations we are up to do. For now, there is not much to show, but we will have more news still this week.

Below you find some scenery study cases